About Us

Matura is made of experts that have spent years perfecting their trade in the industry. With a wide range of backgrounds and a dynamic set of skills, we have come together with the same goal of perfect production in mind.



Years of Experience in the Industry

Our team has been working with home appliances for as long as we can remember. With a shared passion for creating outstanding machinery, we have applied decades of knowledge to efficient manufacturing like no one else can. 



A Passion for Perfection

We won’t rest until our products are flawless. From the dedicated design team to our passionate production line, Matura refuses to make anything that doesn’t surpass our client’s expectations.



In It for the Long Run

Our team believes that quality equipment should run hassle-free for years to come. We are driven to push the boundaries of this industry, so ensure that anything we make will stick around for longer than the competition. Whether you’re buying a stylish dryer or modern fridge, you can be sure that it’s built to offer flawless service day in and day out. 



Always Here to Help

If your device is not running to your expectations or you simply have questions about its operation and maintenance, feel free to call at any time. We want to hear what’s on your mind and our support team is at the ready to give you a helping hand. So give us a shout — we know a thing or two about home equipment and love to chat!