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Fully Integrated Dishwasher


Don’t ruin the flow of your kitchen with an awkward control panel poking out where it shouldn’t be. Now you can get a powerful auto dryer machine fully concealed from view that runs so quietly, they’ll never know it’s there.


We’ve designed this wonderful device to battle tough food stains while remaining extremely energy efficient.

Noise Levels

42 dB

Delay Start

1-24 h

Number of Programs


Water Consumption

11 l

Dimensions (HxWxD)

815x598x550 mm

Special Programs

Wortex wash, Aqua vault, Multiple Cleaning, Compact Detergent Dispenser, Auto Open Door, Zone Wash

Wortex Wash

Placed at the bottom of the tub our innovation vortex wash creates an intensive area in the dishwasher. Greasy or baked-on pots can now be cleaned more deeply, without being worried about your delicate glasses placed in the upper basket.

Optional Turbo Drying

The ambient temperature in the kitchen is usually lower than the one in the dishwasher. Turbo drying speeds up air exchange between inside and outside to achieve an excellent result and comfortable touch temperature.

Aqua Vault

To be water conscious a smart water management system is applied to reduce water consumption by more than 35% while still offering the same great cleaning result.